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Submissions Rules

Last Updated May 18, 2024

I. General

- If you have any questions about if a series/image can be added or not, ask in #help in the support server.

1. All series should have some connection to eastern anime/manga, or have some connection to eastern countries: Japan/Korea/China

2. Everything you add should have sources for the information added and the source MUST be in english.

3. 18+/Adult/Hentai series will be accepted but must strictly follow the set rules for NSFW which is further down (See section VI.)

4. All images rules apply to images when submitting characters. See the images rules below.

5. If the character doesn't fit any of the existing categories it can't be added.

6. No real persons, if they appear in a series in a fictional matter they can be added.

7. No cartoons such as Among Us, Minecraft or Fortnite even if they are on anilist.

8. No fan-made characters.

9. Stands (JoJo), alternative forms (alters) and characters with multiple identities are allowed. Ask staff before you submit any alternate forms to check if it works or not.

10. Do not use alternative accounts to bypass submission limits. This will be harshly punished.

11. All image #0 should be official art of the character. It should also ONLY be the character in the image, except if characters are twins.

II. For Anime/Manga

1. Series and characters submitted should have some relation to Japanese, Korean or Chinese Manga/Animation, manhwa, manhua, etc.

2. The game must have anime-related or anime-style characters.

3. Any character added must be acceptable by original source not by the series they are being featured in, ie. Spongebob in an anime is a no as originally he's western not eastern animation.

4. No real people as they aren't created by manhwa/manga or anime as they are not an original creation except if they appear in a fictional matter.

III. For Games

1. This means anime games/gacha games from Chinese/Korean/Japanese companies and game characters that also appear in manga/anime.

2. Game needs to be from an eastern country, anime related or have anime-style characters.

3. Any character added must be acceptable by original source not by the series they are being featured in, ie. Spongebob in an anime is a no as originally he's western not eastern animation.

4. For game submissions content must be available on an official app or such that anyone can download i.e. mobile store or PC client in any region as long as it originally is sourced by Asia in a way.

IV. For All Above

1. Adding characters for series/games that already exist in the bot is allowed even if they don’t fit the criteria above. (This does not apply for 18+/adult games and series).

2. Adding series/games that have a clear inspiration from anime even if they aren’t from Japan/Korea/China is allowed, but must not be based on western cartoons/movies/games except if they have clear characteristics of anime.

3. Do not add new series/games to characters already in the bot just to make more characters fit “within the rules”.

V. For Vtubers

1. Please add the brand the vtubers are working with as the series. (Example: Hololive, Nijisanji, vshojo etc.). If they aren’t under any brand, add them as “Independent vtubers”.

2. Source for vtubers should be a wiki, not just a channel link. Draft pages alone are not accepted.

3. Any vtuber characters original image (pic #0) must be official pic to gauge all content submitted for set characters as hairstyle and characters details change sometimes

VI. For NSFW Series

1. Before submitting a NSFW series contact Hanzo, Jae or Tabo with name to the series and source so we can check if it’s acceptable in the rules.

2. Do not send/submit anything that contains rape, loli or fetishes that are not normal viewed appropriately in society.

3. All characters submitted must be above 18 years old in series and sourced by either stating which chapter/time in episode age is stated or where it states clearly implied age ie. Main lead is 18 and girl is older than him (means she's 18+)

4. Image submissions still follow the images rules stated below.

5. Rules here will be strictly enforced; only one warning will be given before punishment will be implemented.

Note: Characters before global ID 82870 were added before these rules.

Note: If you are going to add a new series, add one character and check if that gets accepted before suggesting more. This saves time for both you and the moderators.

Images Rules

I. General Images Rules

1. No text in the image, no watermarks. Any text on their outfit, excluding edits, is allowed as long as it’s not breaking any other rules or offensive.

2. Do not add any images to the bot that clearly state DO NOT REPOST/DO NOT REUSE.

3. Do not edit away text stating DO NOT REPOST/DO NOT REUSE and add the image to the bot.

4. Do not add any images that are already used as an event image for the character.

5. Try to remove any text on the character's outfit that has their name/series name.

6. If the image is in an unorthodox setting (example: upside down) but for a good reason, please inform staff about the reason before submitting.

7. Images without borders is preferred.

8. Images with backgrounds, not just one solid color is preferred.

9. If the image breaks with any of these rules and/or NSFW rules, please inform staff so we can make a decision to allow the image or not.

II. Lewds/NSFW images

1. Absolutely NO LOLI LEWDS this includes characters like: Sagiri Izumi, Senko-san, Azur Lane lolis, etc. Also see point 3 below regarding swimsuits/bikini.

2. NO lewds at all. This includes images of characters in a sexual position, clothes that are revealing, clothes that don’t fit, boob almost showing, see-through etc.

2.1. This also includes when the original image is sexual in nature. Do not choose images from sexual scenes or NSFW images.

2.2. No hands on in any sexual way. This includes both male-female, male-male and female-female or anything related.

2.2.1. Hands on self (Character hands on themselves) is ok to a degree, nothing extremely sexual or touching in any sexual way.

2.3. For female characters: This means no images where nipple is almost visible, clear outline for nipples, images where private parts is in “focus” and when focus takes a major focus on a specific part.

3. Bikini/swimsuit pictures for lolis and characters younger than 16 is not allowed. Bikini pictures for characters above 16 is allowed as long as it isn’t extremely sexualized or too revealing.

4. When looking for images to add, there is no need to look for the most questionable ones. Most characters have normal clothes too.

5. If the character’s common outfit is slightly questionable it’s allowed as long as it isn’t overly sexualized.

It’s up to you as the submitter to check the age of the character!

III. Images being denied

DO NOT argue with mods about images being accepted or not, even if they aren’t lewds it is completely up to the mods whether or not your images get accepted. You can ask for the reason by pinging the moderator who denied your image.

IV. Fanart, sizes and crops

1. All images get resized to: 225x350.

2. Before you submit: Center you images so the character is in the center of the image, that the image is properly zoomed in and make sure the image aren’t blurry.

3. Fanart is okay, but make sure it looks like the character. We might also deny fanart for a character if the majority of the images are fanart, so don’t forget official art when adding.

V. AI images

1. Please keep AI images to a minimum, and do not submit AI images for a character that has a good selection of art available. If a character has a low amount of art available AI CAN be used, but we prefer if not.

2. AI images with noticeable issues regarding extra limbs/missing limbs and/or major issues will be denied.

VI. Images currently in the bot

If you find any images in the bot that break these rules, contact a moderator or suggest them for removal in the Isekai Maid support server.

VII. Punishment

Failure to comply with these rules will result in a warning and if it’s a common issue you will be banned from submitting images or from the Isekai Maid server.

Character submission fields


Here you add the sources you used for the character/series etc. Be it a series wiki, sites that have series/characters or other sources.


Submit characters with Given Name first and Surname last. All names should be romanized. Example: “Kazuto Kirigaya”

Alternative names

Alternative names for that given character, no memes or jokes allowed here. Please do NOT add major spoiler names here.


If you want to add the color for the embed this character will have, add it here. Hex color code. Not required.


Description for the character. This will show up using the info command, not required.


Add a link to an image you want this character to have. Must be a link from either imgur or other sources.
The resolution should be 225x350, you can crop images at


Add the character to one or more fitting series that the character has appeared in. At least one is required, if the series already exists, use this instead of making a new one.
Note: Romanized title not english!

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